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The Sparkasse Aachen savings bank is the largest independent credit institution in the Aachen economic region, an area of Europe-wide importance.


Financial services for private customers and corporate clients. 

As a market leader, Sparkasse Aachen operates more than 90 branches and employs over 2,000 people across the region. Together with its subsidiaries, Sparkasse offers its customers - both private customers and corporate clients - customised solutions for all matters concerning monetary and payment transactions, financing, financial investments, real estate and insurance. The options for accessing Sparkasse Aachen are as individual as the advisory services the bank offers. In addition to visits and personal meetings in the local branches, Sparkasse Aachen customers can choose the access option that is most convenient for them, at any time: The range of services includes online banking and brokerage as well as online management of financial investments and loans.

Services for corporate clients are tailored to business requirements, ranging from customised lending up to economic and financial advising with regard to the planning and business activities of corporate clients. This also includes support in managing interest rates and currencies, which can be essential for internationally operating companies. Moreover, companies have access to a wide range of electronic services that let them manage their accounts at any time and with maximum efficiency, no matter where their headquarters are located.

Both Traditional and Innovative

As a co-founder of the S-UBG AG public company, Sparkasse Aachen contributes to strengthening the capital base of small and medium-sized companies. Among other things, Sparkasse Aachen promotes new business concepts right from the earliest start-up phases by providing venture capital and investing in the seed funds of the Aachen region. Entrepreneurs and young companies are supported and backed by the expertise of experienced start-up specialists.

For many years now, Sparkasse Aachen has been working together with local companies and research institutes in the Aachen region, RWTH Aachen University and the Forschungszentrum Jülich research centre. Thanks to the involvement of Sparkasse Aachen, this cooperation led to the establishment of the Technology Centre Aachen. The centre is an incubator for the start-up and further development of companies. In addition, Sparkasse Aachen is a shareholder in all of the technology parks and company centres located in the region.

Therefore, it goes without saying that due to its local alignment, Sparkasse Aachen has in-depth knowledge of the regional markets and their specific characteristics and enables its customers to benefit from this expertise and know-how.

Information regarding the Sparkasse Aachen website

The Sparkasse Aachen website is intended exclusively for persons residing in the Federal Republic of Germany. The products and financial services offered on the website are only available in Germany.

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Des services financiers pour les particuliers et les entreprises.

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Financiële dienstverlening voor particuliere en zakelijke cliënten.  

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