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Sparkassen services for everyone.

Accounts and Cards

The important things in life

Sparkasse offers a wide range of financial products and services for both your personal and business needs.

Loans and financing

Making dreams come true

Sometimes, dreams cannot be postponed. Talk to one of our advisers to find out what kind of loan would best meet your needs.

Savings and investments

Searched and found

No matter whether you would like to invest for the long term or regularly put money aside: Your money will be in the safest of hands with your Sparkasse.

Planning ahead

Enjoying the security of a safe future

No matter whether it's you, your family, your property or pension: your Sparkasse will help you to achieve planning ahead in all areas of life.

Internet safety

All it takes to make your online banking as safe as possible and to protect your account from unauthorised access is staying on top of the latest safety alerts and following a few simple rules.

Online tax exemption order

Providing your Sparkasse with an exemption order will allow you to save 25 % of your capital gains that would otherwise be paid to the tax authorities as a flat rate tax.

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